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"I was having a party, and in true supermom form, I waited until the last minute to prepare. With very little time, I called Kathy from Order out of Chaos Designs. She was able to come the next morning and help me organize my girls’ bedroom and playroom. Not just clean—but sort through all the toys while I was running in and out cooking. Not only did the party go off without a hitch, but the kids actually put the toys away when they finished playing! Who would have thought organized toys would make so many kids into angels."

Nora N., chef


"Order out of Chaos Designs was the best! The service was fast, decisive and exactly what I wanted. Kathy organized the mudroom closet in a way I could not. She did an excellent job and now my closet is a happy Zen place for our coats, hats and boots."

Agnes R., designer and webmaster


"Thank you for your help organizing my craft room. It has been so much more fun for me being able to find the parts and pieces for the projects I’m working on. It is wonderful how much time I save not having to look everywhere for one small item."

Stephanie R., crafter


"What I liked about the process for organizing my closet was that I was able to physically touch my things. Having to touch the items made me decide if I still needed it, or if I could donate it, or if I needed to just throw it away! I wound up donating 16 bags!

The help Kathy provided has allowed me to feel refreshed and less anxious when looking into my closet. The house has been kept cleaner and things are put away. I no longer postpone putting things where they belong. My experience with her was enlightening and she remained nonjudgmental.

My house is clearer of clutter and organized. My family was able to take away what Kathy discussed. My three-year-old twin daughters saw how excited I was to organize and keep things clean and clear, and now they are developing the habit of keeping things organized even for themselves.

I highly recommend that Order out of Chaos Designs come to you and help you take on those projects that you know need organizing. It’ll benefit you on so many levels."

Heidi W., police officer


"I just have to say “Thank You” for bringing back order to my daughter’s room. For years, I tried to organize her room, but for some reason, we could never throw out anything. The piles of clothes and shoes, toys and games, school and summer camp projects, and things from Girl Scouts and other activities would just get moved around or put in a box and placed under her bed or stuffed in the closet. Thanks to Order out of Chaos Designs we were able to let go.

Kathy was a breath of fresh air. She worked with my daughter and helped organize her room. She was easy to talk to and very professional, and she worked together with my child in such a positive way, allowing her to make her own decisions on letting go of things she refused to give up over the past 10 years, while they rearranged things in a way that now allow my child to get up in the morning more relaxed and ready to face the day now that she knows where to find everything. Thank you for all the good advice. You really made a difference."

Angela A., electrician


"Kathy arrived in my daughter’s bedroom just in the nick of time! She helped my daughter to methodically sort through her childhood clutter so that she could reclaim her bedroom and life. The process helped her to transition out of and away from being a little girl with all the trappings that it entails, to the teenager about to enter high school.

Kathy kept everybody focused and on track with the sorting process and in no time at all the room was transformed.  My daughter loves the fact that her room is streamlined, clean and organized. I love the fact that she now keeps her room clean and organized.

I highly recommend Kathy to help people with their organizational needs. You will feel a weight being lifted from your space. Our lives are so busy and exhausting. Bringing in some one help to clear the clutter is worth every penny and your sanity!"

Joan B., teacher


"The sports biography reports that Kathy researches online and prepares for me are world-class. I’m not computer savvy, so she’s my go-to girl when I need things done on the computer. Just recently, she helped me procure a mahogany model airplane directly from a Philippine artist, as I have an extensive collection of military aircraft from 1937-42, for less than 1/2 the price of what I would have paid through a middle man. Couldn’t have done it without her."

William K., sculptor


"Kathy did a stellar job in organizing, sorting and cleaning out my parents’ home for a pending estate sale. The sale was successful due, in no small part, to her meticulous attention to grouping related items and pricing items to sell."

Bob A., inventor



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